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Cale's Bathurst weekend...

08/04/10 | by matt [mail] | Categories: Event reports
My weekend at Bathurst could best be described as awesome. The plan was for me to drive up following another two 1600s on trailers, one belonging to John Auton (road registered light blue 2.3L L series with KA24DE head) and Brad Webb (blue SR20 turbo Im… more »

East Gippsland Stages to open the 2010 Victorian Rally Championship

25/03/10 | by admin [mail] | Categories: Event reports
Now in its fourth year, the East Gippsland Stages will open the 2010 VRC on May 15th.  Organised by the Melbourne University Car Club, the event was introduced to the calendar in 2007 with the aim of taking Championship rallying back to East Gippslan… more »

2010 Classic Outback Trial

12/12/09 | by admin [mail] | Categories: Event reports
Who is game to take on the NSW Outback in 2010? In 2009 the Officers and the Ashton/Nixons took on this 6 day event in a pair of Galants. Who's going to have a go this year? Check out the documents provided by the organisers: Newsletter D… more »

Aka good fun... for most

19/10/09 | by matt [mail] | Categories: Event reports
Akademos was a great weekend... for most of us. Whilst damp and slippery conditions caught out a few competitors during recce on saturday morning, race day on sunday turned out to be a dry day with brilliant sunshine. Not so shiny though was Sid Lo… more »

Akademos Spectator Guide

16/10/09 | by matt [mail] | Categories: Event reports
Woo hoo! Akademos is this sunday... Here's the entry list and the spectator guide. SPECTATOR GUIDE (.PDF) See you in Alexandra on sunday! matt (car 8) more »

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