Vic Rally Ch'ship - Round 3(!) MUCC hosting!

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Well ok, not really round 3, as round 1 was cancelled due to the threat of fire, and round 2 was cancelled because there actually was a fire and all the trees fell onto the road, so we are now up to round 3, without a wheel having even been turned.

We are expecting a MASSIVE field, as everyone will be itching to get going, PLUS we are offering discounted entry for people who haven't joined us in East Gippsland for a while. Check the Supp Regs to see if you are eligible for a discounted entry!

The best place to download the regulations and all the event information is on the VICRALLY website.
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A message from the organisers:

Welcome and thank-you for your interest in Menace Motorsport East Gippsland Stages 2013.

This Event is Round 3 of the 2013 Victorian Rally Championship and will be held on Saturday 4 May 2013.
Based at Bairnsdale in East Gippsland, Victoria, it will be a State Championship Special Stage event with all the thrills and spills that these events are famous for.

The roads of East Gippsland are generally easy on the car varying from smooth sandy tracks to well constructed forest logging roads. You will enjoy a wide variety of driving surfaces and conditions. This event will run under the A-to-A timing format which is the standard for modern Special Stage forest rallies. It will be conducted over one division and two heats made up of approximately 125 km of competitive and 110 km of transport sections. There will be one service break at which catering and amenities will be available.

The Event (and Heat 1) will commence in Bairnsdale followed by approximately 70 competitive km in 4 stages, finishing with a service break in Lindenow. Heat 2 will be approximately 55 competitive km in 2 stages, finishing in Lindenow which will also be the finish of the Event.

As a State Championship special stage event, crew members will require a Clubman Rally Licence or superior. Vehicles will be required to be fitted with the usual rollover protection and safety features and crews will be required to wear CAMS-approved flame-resistant clothing.

The East Gippsland Stage finishes at Lindenow for the post event social function and a champagne presentation to the provisional winners.

There are a number of accommodation venues within a short distance of the Event start/finish/headquarters providing a range of accommodation styles to suit varying requirements. We recommend contacting these venues via The Lakes & Wilderness Tourist Centre, telephone 1800 637 060.

I would like to acknowledge and thank all the people and organisations that have contributed to making the East Gippsland Stages possible including the event sponsor Menace Motorsport, East Gippsland Shire Council, Bairnsdale Police, Bairnsdale CFA, Bairnsdale SES, Bairnsdale Ambulance, the Department of Sustainability & Environment, and the many volunteers from inside and outside the Melbourne University Car Club Inc who are giving up their time to help us in the forest.

Glen McAliece
Clerk of Course
On behalf of The Directing Team

See you there!

Marysville madness

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What a great weekend at Marysville on 23-24th March!

In addition to being the first round of the Victorian Club Rally Series, John Roberts from Ford Four Car Club included a rally sprint on Saturday and another rally sprint on Sunday in addition to the traditional night-time club rally series event on Saturday evening.
For the truly adventurous, you could compete in all 3 events, plus a couple of additional stages thrown in, to compete in the full Marysville Marathon, with a full 380km of competitive stage distance.

2 mad MUCC crews, Rohan and James Teagle (Ford Escort) and Matt Swan & Paul Franklin (Holden Commodore) tackled the full marathon with 16 other teams, while Graham Pate & Cale Pearce ( Datsun 180B ) tackled the "Escort Memorial" Sprint Rally on Saturday.
Matt & Paul came home with a trophy for 2nd Outright for the full marathon. This was despite Paul succumbing to illness on saturday afternoon and again on saturday night, and the pair destroying all 12 of the second-hand rally tyres they took with them to the event, including the 2 very old rally tyres from Matts old 6x4 trailer. (Desperate times call for desperate measures!)

Going into the night stages, the MUCC Commodore crew had a 15 second lead lead over the rest of the field with only 1 stage win, but some lack of practice at night driving saw them lose 2:29 minutes to the eventual event winner Cary Seabrook/Rhiannon Philpot-Hale (Datsun Stanza). After the 10 stages conducted so far, Cary had 7 stage wins (he won every stage at night) compared to Matt's only one stage win.
In a comeback on Sunday, the Commodore pulled back 1:06 over the Seabrook Stanza, but was unable to catch it, despite the Datsun contesting the last 2 stages with no rear brakes. Amzingly, Seabrook still managed to set fastest stage times on all 5 of the sunday stages.. That's not to say Matt had it easy in the Commodore, with bald rear tyres and fading front brakes, the big Holden tried to swap ends at every opportunity, eventually putting Matt and Paul off the road on a steep slippery decent, causing them to lose 20 seconds trying to get back on the road. Fortunately, 3rd place (Andrew Taylor/Ben Courtney, 1400cc Datsun Sunny) was 3:21 behind, so second place was still in-hand.

Photo courtesy of MUCC member Mike Seidler from his road closure position, showing Matt & Paul on Sunday in the hills south west of Marysville. How good was the weather!

It will be interesting to see what happens in 2014, when this event tries for VRC status, only 1 week after the prior round, Rally Bonnie Doon.
With the roads being a mix of club level tight and twisty stuff, and well known roads from both MUCCs own VRC, the Akademos Rally and the now defunct ARC round Rally of Melbourne, there was no shortage of fantastic roads to get the heart pumping.
Regardless of the status of the event next year, if you want a challenge, you should definitely consider competing in this event next time it comes around! Thanks JR!

Marysville Marathon
(1) Cary Seabrook/Rhiannon Philpot-Hale NCCA Datsun Stanza 34:53
(2) Matt Swan/Paul Franklin MUCC Holden Commodore 36:01
(3) Andrew Taylor/Ben Courtney HRA Datsun Sunny 39:22
(6) Rohan Teagle/James Teagle MUCC Ford Escort 71:14

Escort Memorial Rally
(1) Paul Eccles/Alysha Eccles CCC Subaru WRX 6:05
(2) Brian Semmens/Dan Parry WDCC Nissan 200SXRVS12 6:08
(3) Craig Jarvie/Rob Beekman NCCA/HRA Commodore VNSS 7:09
(8) Graham Pate/Cale Pearce MUCC Datsun 180B 13:55

Marysville Stages VCRS
(1) Peter Schey/Andrew Crimson HRA/NCCA Ford Escort RS1600 11:44
(2) Andrew Pannam/Doug Fernie CCRMIT/HRA Subaru WRX 13:13
(3) Brendan Brown/Steph Richards(J) CCRMIT/PAC Datsun 180B SSS 14:53
(12) Matt Swan/Paul Franklin MUCC Holden Commodore 20:44
(25) Rohan Teagle/James Teagle(J) MUCC Ford Escort Mk2 34:24


2014 Committee

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At the recent Annual General Meeting, the following appointments were made:

  • President: Peter Otzen
  • Vice President: Graham Pate
  • Secretary: Darren McKemmish
  • Treasurer: Alf Pearce
  • Social Sec: Robin Baass
  • General: Tony Dornom, Brian Fleming, Grant Martin, Ewen McKenzie, Rohan Teagle 

For contact details of the committee members, check the last page of e-UNICAR.  Back issues are here.

Annual General Meeting, Thursday March 21 2013

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Special General Meeting

A Special General Meeting of the Melbourne University Car Club will be held on Thursday March 21 2013 at the Tower Hotel, East Hawthorn.

The purpose of the meeting is to make minor changes to the club constitution to bring it into line with the recent changes to Corporate Affairs requirements.

The meeting will commence at 7:45 pm.

... and then ...

Annual General Meeting

The Annual general meeting of the Melbourne University Car Club will be held on Thursday March 21 2013 at the Tower Hotel, East Hawthorn.

[Melway reference: Map 45; G11]

Tower Hotel
686 Burwood Road
Hawthorn East VIC 3123

The meeting will commence at 8:00 pm.

Pub meals will be available at the Tower Hotel prior to the meeting - from 6:30pm.

Peter Otzen


2013 Victorian Rally Bulletin

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The 2013 VRB is now available.

What is the VRB? A document that all rally crews and event organisers should be familiar with - it provides such things as :-

  • Links to the important CAMS rules/regs your events run under.
  • Important contacts - ie - who do I contact for my RP Plate renewal? Who do I contact for regional scrutiny?
  • Regulations specific to Victoria - ie - officiating requirements, novice drivers in turbocharged vehicles, crew grading requirements.

This Bulletin has undergone a significant transformation from previous years, hopefully making it easier to search for what you need, and provide content that is relevant to you.

It has been split into three :-

Terms of Reference - role of the rally panel - for anyone interested in the job descriptions of the panel -

Part A - Competitors and Rally Crews - all drivers/co-drivers/navigators/event organisers should be familiar with the content of this -

Part B - Event Organisers - event organisers must be familiar with the content of this -

Pages: << 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 ... 23 >>

Welcome to MUCC. We operate in the state of Victoria, Australia. Our members compete and volunteer in all forms of motorsport. New members welcome.
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