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Well, to be honest, I only just enabled it and there may be bugs in the way it is set up.
It is here:
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An Introduction to the Melbourne University Car Club

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Note:  this article was from our very very old website, so mocking of it is expected, but most of it is still relevant - matt

The Melbourne University Car Club [MUCC] was re-formed in October 1955. We say re-formed because there was a car club at the University of Melbourne in 1938. One of its main activities was teaching members to drive!

In 1992 the club was incorporated to provide the members with the protection of liability limited to membership fees. In the '50s and '60s, those students lucky enough to own a car were able to drive each day to the campus, and park, free of charge, on site. Now, most of the roadways around the University have been interrupted by buildings, and it is virtually impossible to park on campus at any time. There were times when go-cart races were held in a large circuit around the outside of the Law school, Old arts, the Old Physics building and the Union Building. These days it is hard enough to walk around these buildings without going through or under one of them.

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Where do I start in motorsport?

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Every so often we get asked "Where do I start?" or "How do I learn about cars?"

Below is an extract of a reply to one such inquiry. Maybe this will help you. matt

?Do you have opportunities for youth to join your car club to learn more about cars... My young son who is 14 is quite keen on learning more about cars."

Our reply:


MUCC does not really have opportunities for 14 y?olds to learn about cars as such. At 16 he can volunteer to help us at race meetings but at 14 I don?t think he is allowed in pit lane.

However, at 14 I?m pretty sure he would be eligible for a junior competition licence, and could compete in club level motorkhanas.

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Provisional Results for Menace Motorsport East Gippsland Stages.

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In the absense of any protests, these results will become final at 12:00 noon on Wednesday May 15 2013. 

*** Please note   ***
On the 4th last page of results - where individual stage times for heat 1 are shown for crews' interest - a 20 second penalty incurred for late book-in at Parc Ferme by Car 17 does not show up.  However, in all other results pages, the correct total time of  57:24 has been used.
Reminder that End of Heat 1 / Start of Heat 2 was at Parc Ferme. 

Peter Otzen
Entries Secretary

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All set for East Gippsland VRC at Bairnsdale

28/04/13 | by admin [mail] | Categories: Race/Rally

Rally cars were on display in Bairnsdale to promote the upcoming East Gippsland Stages hosted by MUCC. We are still in need of officials, so if you fancy a cracking day in the forest watching some magnificent cars at full speed in the forests north of Bairnsdale, we would love to have you along. Contact Darren on 0419 359 661 if you can help out.


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Welcome to MUCC. We operate in the state of Victoria, Australia. Our members compete and volunteer in all forms of motorsport. New members welcome.
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