Installing a Terratrip (or Brantz) to Subarus

10/03/08 | by admin [mail] | Categories: Technical

If you ever wanted to fit a Brantz or Terratrip to your Subaru without having to worry about fitting an extra sensor, then why not make use of the cars existing wiring?
Here's my collection of datasheets for Subaru WRX, Forester and Outback, as well as the all important interface circuit you need to make it all work. (If you try to connect directly without the interface circuit, your speedo will stop working.)

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Seidler excited about 6 hour relay

10/03/08 | by admin [mail] | Categories: Event reports

Mike Seidler is looking for two teams to contest this years Philip Island 6 hour relay on 30/31 August.
As well as providing timekeeping services for the event, MUCC again intends to enter 2 teams, and try to better last years 3rd outright.

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MUCC set to contest the Red Centre to Gold Coast Rally in September

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MUCC members are currently busy in their sheds putting together vehicles for the Red Centre to Gold Coast Rally in September. We still need enthusiasts to come and be part of the service crew. If you are interested in driving around in the bush for 2 weeks, contact Peter Otzen.

Read more about the Red Centre to Gold Coast Rally at their event website.

Who knows, if this blog thing works, maybe we'll update you as the lead-up to the event continues...


Terraphone to UHF radio interface

10/03/08 | by admin [mail] | Categories: Technical

Here's how to connect your terraphone to your Uniden UHF radio.
I've tested it with a Uniden UH-089, but it should also work with a UH-095 as the microphones are interchangeable.
Let me know if you have any questions or ideas.

click for PDF schematic



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If you are looking for MUCCs timekeeping services, then check here.

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Welcome to MUCC. We operate in the state of Victoria, Australia. Our members compete and volunteer in all forms of motorsport. New members welcome.
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