2 in the top 10 at Murrundindi Magic VRC

23/10/08 | by matt [mail] | Categories: Event reports

The 4th Round of the Victorian Rally Championship - the Murrundindi Magic - saw 2 MUCC crews competing. While Sidney Loke got used to his new codriver Nathan Turner, Paul Franklin got back in the silly seat with Matt Swan.

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Dinta & Kate win the Red Centre to Gold Coast trial

23/10/08 | by matt [mail] | Categories: Event reports

MUCC would like to congratulate MUCC members David "Dinta" and Kate Officer on their fantastic win in the recent Red Centre to Gold Coast Trial.

Dinta and Kate celebrate at the finish in Broadbeach on the Gold Coast next to the Mitsubishi Galant that took them to victory.

Double debutants at the Rich River

18/07/08 | by matt [mail] | Categories: Event reports

No less than 5 MUCC crews competed in the Rich River Trial run by the Historic Rally Association in and around Echuca on 12th July.

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East Gippsland Stages soon!

20/04/08 | by admin [mail] | Categories: Event reports

The entries secretary advises that as of 20th April, they have recieved 35 entries, which is fantastic news!
There is, however, a big shortage of officials as the BP rally is on the weekend before, and the Rally of Canberra is on the same weekend, so the officials coordinator would love to hear from you!

For more information, and to contact the officials coordinator, please visit the event website.


16/04/08 | by matt [mail] | Categories: Event reports

The MUCCrakers will be back at "the island" in August, with 6 competitors already confirmed and paid up to contest the 6 hour Regularity Relay on August 30/31.

The ideal team size is 5 cars, in case one breaks down during the day. We need a minimum of 4 drivers in 3 cars to be eligible to compete.

Photo: David McKenzie's 4wd Lancer had no problems in the wet in 2007.

As of 16th April, the teams look something like:

MUCCrakers "A"

  • DarrenMcKemmish [Fraser Clubman]
  • Cale Pearce [Datsun P510]
  • Clarke Ballard [Lotus 7]
  • Chris Ballard [Liberty B4]
  • {... vacant...}

MUCCrakers "B"

  • Matt Swan [VL Commodore]
  • Chris Swan [Toyota Sprinter]
  • Peter Balikoff [LC XU1 Torana]
  • {... vacant...}
  • {... vacant...}

If you are interested in attending, contact president@mucc.net.au and let us know!
This event is ALWAYS oversubscribed, so we need your entry now!

Before you ask, there are some rules on what types of cars can be run. If you car is too fast, it can't run. You also need at least a 4 point harness. You can use your road car if your car is road registered but NOT using racing slicks (see section 4.1.7 of the supplementary regulations). You do NOT need a full racing licence - which is a huge bonus!
More info and Supplementary Regulations are available at the event website.

21/4/08 UPDATE: This event is now oversubscribed, and we have only 1 team of 5 or 6 drivers entered (prioritised by the order in which funds got to Mike Seidler). It looks like the organisers are thinking of trying to extend the filed to 50 teams, but with 9 reserve teams already lining up, it's too late to submit more drivers for team 2, so it looks like some people will miss out on this hugely popular event.


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