March Nosh Nite

23/03/10 | by matt [mail] | Categories: Members

The last Nosh Nite for the 2009-2010 club year is next Monday 29 March as an entree to the AGM.

Venue is Zagame's Caulfield Hotel corner of Dandenong Road and Derby Road Caulfield East - directly across Dandenong Rd from the CAMS office.

Bookings not recessary, just turn up between 6:00 to 6:30 PM in order to have time to order, eat, and walk across the road to the AGM at 8:00 PM.

See you next Monday.


MUCC - Notice of Special Meeting 29th March 8:00pm, prior to AGM

22/03/10 | by Darren [mail] | Categories: Committee stuff

To all MUCC members,

Notice is hereby given that a special meeting of the Melbourne University Car Club Inc will be held in the CAMS Ltd Victorian office meeting room, ground floor 851 Dandenong Road Malvern East, on

Monday 29th March 2010, commencing at 8:00pm

The meeting shall consider, and if thought fit, pass the resolution hereunder to amend the Constitution of the Melbourne University Car Club Incorporated, in accordance with Clause 21; Alteration of the Constitution and Purposes thereof.

- That the entire constitution be replaced with the version attached to this email message.

The committee have performed a review of the constitution and updated many clauses.  A second attachment shows the differences, with additions in red, and deletions shown as strikethrough text.

Also note that this meeting is just before the regular AGM.

Darren McKemmish

2010 Classic Outback Trial

12/12/09 | by admin [mail] | Categories: Event reports

Who is game to take on the NSW Outback in 2010?

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MUCC Christmas lunch

11/11/09 | by matt [mail] | Categories: Articles

For this year, the MUCC Christmas get together will be lunch at "The Grayn" restaurant in PAKENHAM on Saturday December 5th.

A three course meal will be arranged - the menu will be published as soon as it is finalised.

The club will be subsidising the outing to what ever extent is needed such that members will pay only $20 for the meal - plus drinks.

We hope that as many people as possible can come along to clebrate the season and the year.

To assist with our booking, we would like tok now who is coming as soon as possible, and by November 27th at the latest please.

Reply to : pmaxotzen AT

Peter Otzen

Aka good fun... for most

19/10/09 | by matt [mail] | Categories: Event reports

Akademos was a great weekend... for most of us.

Whilst damp and slippery conditions caught out a few competitors during recce on saturday morning, race day on sunday turned out to be a dry day with brilliant sunshine.

Not so shiny though was Sid Loke's WRX, which bounced of the emabankment on SS1 and suffered a fair amount of panel damage. In Sid's words:

I had a little rush of blood on SS1, too early too soon. 8.8k?s in SS1 coming to a downhill then into a righthander but was carrying too much speed, too much momentum resulted in a slam into the embankment and a gentle roll. It was back on its legs and no injuries resulted just damaged pride.

We were carted to the radio point at 16k?s into SS1 where we were greeted by some very hospitable officials. (Gary, Mark and a 3rd the one name alludes me ? pls add if you can identify so I can send them a huge thanks for their BBQ grub and delightful stories).

After all the concern regarding tyres, it came down to a little common sense and easing into the event rather than a gungho approach ? lesson learnt!

Sid's GC8 WRX Sti facing the direction it came from on SS1...

Close up of the damage to the Sidney's WRX

O/R Crew    Car     POINTS 
1   Brendan Reeves/Ben Atkinson     Subaru Spec C                1:12:20 
2   Justin Dowel(#)/Matt Lee(#)     Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9      1:12:31 
3   Nathan Reeves/Scott Spedding    Subaru Impreza STi Spec C    1:13:07 
4   Mark Fawcett/Carrie Morris      Subaru WRX STi Spec C        1:13:23 
5   Brenton Kaitler(#)/John Allen(#)     Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 6 1:14:36 
6   Stephen Raymond/Matt Raymond    Subaru Legacy                1:15:33 
7   Warren Lee/David Lethlean       Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 2      1:16:05 
8   Derek Reynolds/Ray Baker        Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 5      1:16:35 
9   Matt Swan/Paul Franklin Subaru WRX                           1:16:42 
10  Ian Martin/Roslyn Martin        Subaru Impreza WRX STi       1:18:11 
11  Paul Batten/Adam Wright Datsun P510                          1:18:16 
12  Brian Semmens(2)/David Leoncini(2)      Nissan 200SX RV S12  1:18:40 
13  Kirk Marks/Sarah Marks  Subaru WRX RA                        1:19:12 
14  Dane Berry/Nathan Berry Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 4              1:19:42 
15  John Wilson/Kevin Wilson        Subaru Impreza WRX           1:22:03 
16  Brendan Brown(2)(S)/Sam Robison(2)      Datsun 180B SSS      1:22:37 
17  Darren Roberts(2)/Steve Kenway(2)       Toyota Sprinter AE86 1:23:00 
18  Keith Cuttle(#)/Tyler Cuttle(#) Holden Commodore VC          1:23:10 
19  Brad Sanders(2)/Melinda Sanders(2)      Suzuki Swift GTi     1:23:11 
20  Campbell Eastwood(2)/Darren Miller(2)   Datsun Stanza        1:23:30 
21  Justin Walker(2)/Craig Thomas(2)        Ford Escort Mk 2     1:24:22 
22  David Nutter/Catherine Taylor   Subaru WRX RA                1:24:59 
23  Rowan Woollard(2)(S)/Russell Woollard(2)        Datsun 1600  1:25:18 
24  Tony Moore(2)(S)(E)/Nikki Moore(2)(E)   Hyundai Excel        1:25:43 
25  Adam Bloomfield(#)/Brett Williams(#)    Holden Commodore VH  1:25:55 
26  Ross Allan/Scott Allan  Subaru Legacy                        1:26:01 
27  David Lawrance(2)(S)/David Webb(2)      Datsun 1600          1:27:21 
28  Peter Morrison(2)(E)/Susan Wasson(2)(E) Hyundai Excel        1:27:39 
29  Danny Hudswell(2)(E)/Ronnie Hudswell(2)(E)     Hyundai Excel 1:29:28 
30  Andrew Roseman(#)(S)/Andrew Ormesher(#) Toyota Corolla Levin 1:30:40 
31  Joe McClelland(2)(E)/Darren Davison(2)(E)      Hyundai Excel 1:31:05 
32  Kimberley Barson(2)(S)(E)/Sandra Cuttle(2)(E)  Hyundai Excel 1:31:50 
33  Fiona White(2)(E)/Michael Loxton(2)(E)  Hyundai Excel        1:32:58 
Did not finish the event 
 Geoff Portman(2)/Ross Runnalls(2)       Holden Commodore VH     DNF(SS8)   No reason given 
 Michael Conway(2)(S)/Jenny Cole(2)      Ford Escort Mk 2        DNF(SS7)   Off road 
 Simon Landrigan(2)(E)/Matthew Burns(2)(E)       Hyundai Excel   DNF(SS5)   Broken wheel 
 Craig Jarvie(2)/Silvia Jarvie(2)        Holden Commodore VN     DNF(L2)    Cooked engine 
 Ross O'Reilly(2)/Dan Lemish(2)  Nissan Bluebird 910             DNF(SS4)   Hole in block 
 Sidney Loke/Graham Moore        Subaru Impreza WRX Sti          DNF(SS1)   Rolled 
 Sam Johanson/Cathy Rainer       Mazda Familia   DNF(L1) Coil 
# Not nominating for VRC points 
(2) Two wheel drive 
(S) Stuckey Award 
(E) Excel Series 
O/R Crew    Car     POINTS 
1   Timothy Roberts/Graham McGrath  Subaru WRX RA                0:41:02 
2   Peter Evans/Eli Evans   Subaru Impreza                       0:41:08 
3   Steve Piggott/Craig Robinson    Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 3 RS   0:42:27 
4   Rohan Crouch/Troy Allott        Holden Commodore             0:43:05 
5   Nicola Testa/Ian Crook  Datsun Violet GT                     0:43:40 
6   John Carney/Stuart Diggins      Hyundai Excel                0:45:14 
7   John Roberts/Robert King        Ford Escort RS2000           0:46:00 
8   Darryn Snooks/Matt de Vaus      Datsun Stanza                1:00:50 
Did not finish the event 
 Ben Oyler/Kirsty Driscoll       Datsun P510     DNF(SS4)        Off road 

Compiled by Matt Swan, with Sid Loke & Gary Hodgkiss

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