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Where do I start in motorsport?

01/09/13 | by matt [mail] | Categories: Members

Every so often we get asked "Where do I start?" or "How do I learn about cars?"

Below is an extract of a reply to one such inquiry. Maybe this will help you. matt

?Do you have opportunities for youth to join your car club to learn more about cars... My young son who is 14 is quite keen on learning more about cars."

Our reply:


MUCC does not really have opportunities for 14 y?olds to learn about cars as such. At 16 he can volunteer to help us at race meetings but at 14 I don?t think he is allowed in pit lane.

However, at 14 I?m pretty sure he would be eligible for a junior competition licence, and could compete in club level motorkhanas.

More info on victorian motorkhanas is available here: http://www.motorkhanavic.com.au/

Their calendar is here: http://www.motorkhanavic.com.au/calendar.php

He would need:

  1. to be a member of a car club (like MUCC, which is one of the cheapest car clubs around),
  2. the minimum level CAMS competition licence. Info here: http://www.cams.com.au/get-involved/competitors/licence-types
  3. a car (maybe mums car?)

Motorkhanas are generally very safe, run in large carparks, are fully insured and legal/safe competitions AND they have juniors competition. They are also an excellent way for someone to learn to drive in a safe controlled environment.. Of course his entries need to be signed by a parent.

Some motorkhanas even have a ?ladies trophy? that you may be interested in!

Check out the calendar at the link above.

To find out more about a specific event, download the ?regulations? for the event you are interested in from here: http://www.motorkhanavic.com.au/Regs.php then ring the organisers and ask them if spectators are allowed. In almost all cases it should be no problem.

If you have any more questions, please give Peter Otzen a call on (03) 9682 0657 (ah). Peter is on our club committee and used to be the chairman of the state motorkhana panel so should know more about junior motorkhanas.

Also, CAMS has information on getting started in motorsport that you may find useful: (CAMS is the primary body responsible for all motorsport in Australia.) http://www.cams.com.au/get-involved/competitors/getting-started

I hope this info helps.

Best regards,


MUCC web admin.

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