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An Introduction to the Melbourne University Car Club

01/09/13 | by matt [mail] | Categories: Members

Note:  this article was from our very very old website, so mocking of it is expected, but most of it is still relevant - matt

The Melbourne University Car Club [MUCC] was re-formed in October 1955. We say re-formed because there was a car club at the University of Melbourne in 1938. One of its main activities was teaching members to drive!

In 1992 the club was incorporated to provide the members with the protection of liability limited to membership fees. In the '50s and '60s, those students lucky enough to own a car were able to drive each day to the campus, and park, free of charge, on site. Now, most of the roadways around the University have been interrupted by buildings, and it is virtually impossible to park on campus at any time. There were times when go-cart races were held in a large circuit around the outside of the Law school, Old arts, the Old Physics building and the Union Building. These days it is hard enough to walk around these buildings without going through or under one of them.

The membership of MUCC has never been limited to students, past nor present, of the Union and these days very few members are still studying.  Accordingly, we offer concessional reductions of the General Membership fee to Melbourne University Union members and also to students from other institutions.

Although a small club, the MUCCi is able to offer members access to a wide range of motor sport activity, either as competitors or part of event organization. Members can participate in motor sport events such as Rallies, Motorkhanas, Autocrosses, Circuit Sprints, Circuit Races and Social Motor Sport.  So what are each of these types?


You can see this branch of the sport on the TV, especially the Australian Rally Championship, and the World Rally Championship. MUCC members are involved in State Championship, Club Championship, Historic and Novice areas of the sport. Effectively, rallying involves driving on forest roads, trying to follow a prescribed route as quickly as you feel safe to do. Some people take this sport VERY seriously and spend many thousands of dollars each year. Others are in it for the enjoyment, but you still need a car, licence, safety equipment etc. Many spectators go into the forest and watch the competitors.


A motorkhana is the cheapest from of motor sport available. It is also a great way to learn to drive, with the minimum age of competitors only 12. Many families are involved as a group. The competition involves negotiating a course around some flags in a paddock or shopping centre car park. Once again, there are those who go along to watch and learn rather than take part, and others who build specialised vehicles. At motorkhanas, members have been known to borrow someone else?s car, to see what it is like.

Auto-cross & Circuit Sprints:

These events involve driving around an established race track as fast as you can, but competing against the clock rather than driving side by side with other cars [that is called car racing!] For autocross, the road surface is gravel ? for Circuit Sprints the surface is bitumen ? perhaps Sandown or Phillip Island.

Circuit Racing:

This is traditional Car racing. Once again, very expensive. Spectating can even be expensive for some events. BUT MUCC can offer a zero cost alternative. Members of MUCC provide a timing service at many of the circuits around Victoria. We get to see the cars from trackside but accommodated out of any rain and we are the first to know who really did win the race, and who was the fastest car during the race. A very civilised way to go to the races.

Social Motorsport:

There are regular ?nosh-nites?, and members can help you with your own car, if it is causing you trouble. There are occasional ?navigational exercises? held which members can join in as well. These basically involve navigating your way around 21st Century Victoria [usually close to Melbourne] using only a map printed in 1950 ? or earlier. You are trying to find all roads as printed on that map, despite the overlay of freeways and main roads that have been built since the map was printed!!

If you are interested in any branch of motor sport mentioned in the centrefold, then membership of a Car Club is for you.

As a member of the MUCC you will get invites to join in the activities of numerous Car Clubs.

Membership of MUCC is discounted for students at any educational institution [except RMIT who have their own Car Club], so if you have friends elsewhere they can sign up as well.  It is only slightly more expensive to join when you no longer attend an institution.

Welcome to MUCC. We operate in the state of Victoria, Australia. Our members compete and volunteer in all forms of motorsport. New members welcome.
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