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2013 Victorian Rally Bulletin

20/02/13 | by admin [mail] | Categories: Race/Rally

The 2013 VRB is now available.

What is the VRB? A document that all rally crews and event organisers should be familiar with - it provides such things as :-

  • Links to the important CAMS rules/regs your events run under.
  • Important contacts - ie - who do I contact for my RP Plate renewal? Who do I contact for regional scrutiny?
  • Regulations specific to Victoria - ie - officiating requirements, novice drivers in turbocharged vehicles, crew grading requirements.

This Bulletin has undergone a significant transformation from previous years, hopefully making it easier to search for what you need, and provide content that is relevant to you.

It has been split into three :-

Terms of Reference - role of the rally panel - for anyone interested in the job descriptions of the panel - http://www.vicrally.com.au/repository/files/2013%20VRB%20-%20VRAP%20-%20Terms%20of%20Reference.pdf

Part A - Competitors and Rally Crews - all drivers/co-drivers/navigators/event organisers should be familiar with the content of this -


Part B - Event Organisers - event organisers must be familiar with the content of this - http://www.vicrally.com.au/repository/files/2013%20VRB%20-%20Part%20B%20v1.0.pdf


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