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MUCC and the Club Permit Scheme

01/08/12 | by admin [mail] | Categories: Club Permit scheme

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Our members are able to register their classic or historic vehicles under VicRoads' Club Permit scheme, which is available to vehicles of at least 25 years of age. This scheme allows the cost of maintaining your enthusiast vehicle to be reduced, whilst still allowing you to drive the vehicle on public roads for up to 90 days per year. The club has several vehicles on the register.

Part of our club?s responsibility to the scheme is to not use the system to allow people cheap "registration". We also think the "Club" part of the Club Permit Scheme is an important aspect. We expect club members to show up to events that we are involved in, whether it is helping out at timekeeping, volunteering at a rally, or showing up at one of the social events during the year.

If you are thinking of joining MUCC and NOT being an active clubmember, then your application for renewal of your Club Permit may be rejected. We do not want to be a club that just rubber-stamps applications.

Our vehicle inspector is David Officer, at Officer Smith Automotive, and the signatories include Darren McKemmish, Peter Otzen and Natasha Swan.

Welcome to MUCC. We operate in the state of Victoria, Australia. Our members compete and volunteer in all forms of motorsport. New members welcome.
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