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Mixed results for MUCC at Bonnie Doon

11/05/09 | by matt [mail] | Categories: Event reports

Round 1 of the 2009 Victorian Club Rally Series at the Bonnie Doon Sprint Rally on Saturday 18th April saw four MUCC crews line up for the start. This event saw 2 new crew pairings, with Graham Pate taking his new navigator Matthew Lambert out for a run in the 180B sedan, and Cale Pearce continuing his learning curve as a navigator for Rohan Teagle in the Mk 2 Escort.

Mike Cains teamed up with Mike Siedler in the Civic, the first time the two have been in a rally car together for many years, while Matt Swan and Paul Franklin ran in the WRX they have run in the VRC for the last 2 seasons.

Run in the forests to the north of Bonnie Doon, the event is hosted by the North Eastern Car Club under the direction of Scott Spedding. An early morning start to this daylight route charted event had the first crew leaving the Start line at 9am. (This of course required all crews to be up at the crack of dawn, and I can tell you now, it's pretty cold at Bonnie Doon at 6am!)

Matt's run ended on stage 2, when he put the WRX on it's side in a ditch. Damage to the vehicle included all suspension components and bodywork on the drivers side. With only 3 weeks to repair the car before the first round of the Victorian Rally Championship at the East Gippsland Stages, Matt will be very busy repairing the car.

"I clipped a bank very hard on stage 1 when I turned in too early, right in front of the photographers. That put the steering out, but we pressed on and still managed 2nd fastest on the stage. Unfortunately, I got distracted on the liaison to SS2 when we got stuck behind some spectators trying to get into the stage. That meant that I ran out of time to evaluate the damage, and to reset the tyre pressures, so we went into stage 2 with unknown geometry and the tyre pressures way too hard. The car was a bit understeery, but I thought I could resolve it at service. Unfortunately, on a sweeping uphill lefthander, I got on the power a bit too early and the car ran a bit wide. When I backed off, we got a huge amount of lift-off oversteer and the back wheel dug into the gutter and body-slammed us down on the drivers side. We're ok, but it has done a lot of damage to the car."

John Doutch captures the first scare of the day for Matt and Paul as they cut a corner on SS1 a little too much, launching the WRX, and damaging the front suspension.

Paul Fanklin is still smiling, even after Matt has crashed the car twice in one rally!

In the end, Rohan & Cale finished the best of the MUCC crews (30th) - not a bad result for a first time team, and only Cales 2nd rally. Graham Pate and Matthew Lambert has a cruisy run through the stages (39th), after a scare early in the day, Graham decided to back off and make sure he got to the finish.
Mike was happy with the new grunter 1400cc motor for the Civic, but the car's short wheelbase put Mike in a spin and a nudge with a tree slowed Mikes progress to have him finish in 41st position.

(1) Nathan Reeves/Rhory Lyle CCC/CCC C/F Subaru Impreza WRX PRC-E 58:12
(2) Carl Stewart#/Dean Price# NECC/NECC C/C Datsun 1600 PRC-C 59:01
(3) Ross Allan/Scott Allan PAC/PAC C/D Subaru Legacy PRC-E 59:23
(4) Warren Lee/David Lethlean NECC/NECC B/D Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 2 PRC-E 60:03
(5) Steve Kenway/Darren Roberts HRA/HRA C/E Subaru WRX STi PRC-E 60:11
(30) Rohan Teagle/Cale Pearce MUCC/MUCC D/F Ford Escort PRC-C 70:28
(39) Graham PateS/Matthew LambertS MUCC/MUCC E/F Datsun 180B PRC-C 78:37
(41) Michael SeidlerS/Michael CainsS MUCC/FFCC D/C Honda Civic SB1 PRC-A 87:40

Did not finish the event
5 Matt Swan#/Paul Franklin# MUCC/MUCC B/C Subaru WRX STi V5 PRC-E DNF(SS2)

Matt Swan



Comment from: steve piggott

neat trick you should apply for a job with the Holden stunt drivers team!

11/05/09 @ 14:43
Comment from: Michael Seidler

Actually it was the first time **ever** that MC and MS had been in the same car at the same time.

The spin only cost us 30 seconds or so and the damage from hitting the bank on the inside of the corner was relatively minor. What really cost us time was a failing fuel pump (couldn’t keep up with the new motor) which meant we ended up “transporting” through SS9 and 10. Without this problem we would have finished just behind Rohan and Cale in the Escort.

28/05/09 @ 23:03
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